72 Inch Side Running Board Lights (2 Pieces)
Part Number: HG22PC72XX

  • Dodge Charger
  • Dodge Ram
  • Chevy Silverado
  • Chevy Impala
  • Chevy Caprice (Special Aluminum Housing)
  • Ford Expedition
  • Ford F-Series

68 Inch Side Running Board Lights (2 Pieces)
Part Number: HG22PC68XX

  • 2007-2016 Chevy Suburban
  • 2007-2016 Chevy Tahoe
  • Chevy Camaro
  • Dodge Journey
  • Ford Interceptor SUV Explorer (Special Aluminum Housing)
  • Ford Interceptor Sedan Taurus (Special Aluminum Housing)
  • Ford Crown Victoria
  • Ford Mustang
  • Ford Fusion

62 Inch Side Running Board Lights (2 Pieces)

  • Fits most vehicles
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HG2 Emergency Lighting is the creator of the HG2 Runner® Lighting System, an extremely versatile emergency lighting system designed for maximum visibility with a minimal footprint. The HG2 Runner® System was developed to enhance the outline of a vehicle’s profile (side of vehicle), offering greater visibility through installation location, variable flash patterns and lighting intensity.

The HG2 Runner® System was engineered specifically for emergency response vehicles—marked and unmarked police vehicles, fire and rescue apparatus, ambulances and many types of watercraft. Our patent-pending designs feature super-bright, wide-angle LEDs, a high-impact CAB housing and an anodized black finished extruded aluminum mounting sleeve for stealth installation.

3 Year Unconditional Warranty:
Includes Damaged and Destroyed Equipment for up to 36 months. No questions asked replacement with brand new unit. No Down-time advanced replacement.


Product Resources

Side Runner Specifications Sheet:

2007-2017 Dodge Charger Side Runner Installation Manual:

2007-2016 Chevy Tahoe, Suburban and GMC Yukon Side Runner Installation Manual:

Flash Controller Instructions Manual:



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US Patent #8,480,253 B1